I moved to Melbourne in September 2014 having lived in Cambodia for two and a half years. Being from Scotland, Australia has a sense of familiarity that sits awkwardly with that feeling that I am somewhere different, somewhere that I don’t fully understand. This blog will hopefully be a story of beginning to understand this new country that I find myself in.

Sitting on beach

That’s me and Claire on the beach outside our house at sunset. There are worse places to be in the world.

I am here with my partner, Claire, who will hopefully also be posting on this blog too. I work in public health and Claire works for a contemporary dance company and we are lucky to live beside the ocean here.

We had a blog called Phnom Penh Pal chronicling our time living and working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as VSO volunteers in the health and education sectors. Claire also worked for a wonderful dance company there too. There you can find out how people survived the killing fields, the changes coursing through Cambodian society, and the merits of the local beer, Black Panther. 

I started blogging when I was working in the UK for a health and social care charity, and wrote the official blogs for that charity. The blog continues and my posts between 2008 and the last one in January, 2012 are still there to be read.

I write because it helps me think and understand, but it’s also great to hear what other people think, so do ask questions and leave comments. I hope that you enjoy our stories.


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